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Nesting categories?

Question asked by K.Feete on Oct 17, 2013
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Nesting categories?


     So for the past year I've been gradually converting our Quickbooks, Bento, and random-Excel-spreadsheet data into a nice central Filemaker database, and it's been going well. But I'm up to moving over the books, and I just cannot get my head around how to replicate the categories.

     The way Quickbooks categories work, if people don't know, is you have a category -- say, "Repair and Maintenance". R&M has subcategories "Buildings" and "Machinery", and then you might have subcategories "Housing" and "Farm" under Building, and so on. Each transaction in your bank ledger has a category or categories assigned to it, and when you pull up a category report you'll see the breakdown as well as a grand total -- you can see how much you spent repairing your housing and the grand total for R&M on one easy page. I need to maintain this basic functionality so I can compare this year's financials against past years (and also because the owner is not a computers person, so the fewer new tricks I have to teach him, the better.)

     I know this can be done with Filemaker. I vaguely feel it can be done easily. But for whatever reason I am having a real block with seeing how to build tables that will nest in this fashion, and doing it in a relatively clean, easy to maintain structure.

     If anyone has some suggestions that would get me past this mental hump, I'd be most grateful.