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Nesting Related Portals

Question asked by joelande on Nov 21, 2011
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Nesting Related Portals


I have a layout showing records from a data base, Teachers.


On that layout I have a portal listing records from a related data base, TrainingSchedule (TrainingSchedule is related to Teachers).

I have another portal listing records that are related to the TrainingSchedule data base, TrainingItems.


For any teacher, they may have multiple training schedules set, and at each of those training schedule sessions, they may get instructed on several topics (items).


What I would like to happen is that when a portal row from the TrainingSchedule portal is selected, the TrainingItems portal would display the items related to the selected portal record (its related training items).


Right now what is happening is the TrainingItems portal only lists the first related record found - it does not change when selecting a different portal row from the TrainingSchedule portal.