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    Netbook suggestions?



      Netbook suggestions?


      Hey folks..

      I'm looking to create a db solution for my employer that will run on inexpensive netbooks connected by wifi to a remote server through FileMaker Server.  Anyone have any suggestions for the best netbook option to run FileMaker Pro?? 

      I've searched this forum and others but most of the discussions seem centered around specific functions.  I'm just looking for what brand or model will actually run FMPro well. 

      Any suggetions?


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          Will the net book clients be using FileMaker Pro or a web browser to access the hosted database?

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            Basically what I'm looking to do is have the netbooks run FileMaker Pro while offline and then later when they find a wifi connection, connect to another computer running FileMaker Server to upload new records remotely.  I'm just wondering if there are any netbooks I should be looking at that work better than others or any I should stay away from?

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              I have no personal experience with any specific netbook.

              That said, your staring point should be to look up the hardware specs for Filemaker 11 in the KnowledgeBase. (See link at top of this screen). If you can pull up that spec sheet, you can make sure any netbook you use at least meets the minimum requirements. Selecting one that exceeds the minimums, especially when it comes to the minimum RAM and cpu specs, by a comfortable margin, should result in better performance and hardware that won't be too outdated to use should you upgrade to a future version of Filemaker.

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                Great...thanks Phil. 

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                  Hello FMNewbie:

                  I am just looking into netbooks myself for a set of small DBs. 

                  Any more insights into FileMaker running on a netbook? I would be very interested in what you found out, and if you have gotten a netbook, how it worked with FMP.

                  By the way, I am looking into getting&nbsp ASUS Eee PC 1001PXD-EU17's. 



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                    I've been working with iPads and FMgo lately.  There is not as much price difference as you would first think.  FMgo for the iPad is only $40, where a full version of FMpro for your netbook is $300.  There are some limitations to FMgo, you can't edit the layout or design of a database but I would not want to develop on a netbook anyway.  The iPads can have their own local files or run shared files over the wireless network.  You can even get a bluetooth keyboard and have all the funtionality of a netbook.

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                       Thanks Mark.


                      My  netbook is $250 + FMP $285 = $535 (We get a discount when we buy 5 or more of FMP)

                      iPad 8GB is $500 + FMgo $40 = $540


                      Almost the same. There are the advantages you have mentioned, though for the iPad + FMgo solution. Once  concern I have is that iPads would be high targets for "walk-aways" from the work place...



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                        I don't think the iPads are much more of a walk away risk than a netbook.  We set up the free "Find my iPhone" app up on the iPads and set up restrictions on them to prevent the users from buying apps, surfing the web, etc.  The find my iPhone app lets you log onto the site from any computer, enter the login info for that iPad, iPhone or iPod, and will show you the location of the device on a google type map.  It will let you send a message to the device, lock it or wipe the device if you want to also.

                        Another considerations is future FM upgrades, when FMpro 12 comes out, I imagine it would cost more to upgrade the netbooks than to update the FMgo app.  (we just got a letter about our contract renewal from FM).