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Network Access Issue

Question asked by ranchocomputers on Dec 3, 2008
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Network Access Issue


I do computer support for companies and am NOT a filemaker expert. I'm hoping someone can help.


My client has a Small Business server running filemaker 7 server.

It is a domain controller.

There are 7 clients and all work fine.

The clients are in the domain and they log in through the domain.

There is a custom app that is launched via the PC desktop. The app is on the server.


Recently, 2 people switched positions. I'll call them Brittany (was on PC1) and Morgan (was on PC2). Rather than switch PCs, I just added the users on the existing PCs. So Brittany is on PC2 (with admin rights) and Morgan is on PC1.


When either of them, in their new location, tries to launch the FM app, it just hangs. If they log off the PC and log back in as the original user, it works fine. So I know the networking infrastructure is fine, it's just something with the user set up on the 'new' PC.


I'm perplexed. Any ideas?