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    Network path navigation



      Network path navigation


      Hi there

      This popped into my head last week, not sure if it's possible...

      Eventually the FM solution I'm working on will be rolled out company wide and used alongside our existing network setup, running on Windows.  Currently, out network is a simple drive map set up with one or two direct network locations not requiring the usual letter which is asked for when mapping to a drive.

      What I am wondering is where say 'S:\Customers\S\Smith' for example can be embedded into a Filemaker button which is called 'Goto Network Location' and upon pressing this button, the user is transported into Windows Explorer>>>S:\Customers\S\Smith.

      Thanks in advance

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          And how/why would FileMaker need to use such a file path? Is this a solution that is made up of multiple files? Do you use container fields with "save a reference" specified when inserting files into  them?

          or ???

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            Hi PhilModJunk

            The primary purpose is actually just to get there within Windows Explorer.  One issue we have outside of FM is naming conventions on the network. Some people use names, some use customer codes, but you never look for a 'Mr H200' file!  You always look for 'Mr Harvey', for example. However, the network needs to be normalised and renamed by code as names can change when people get married for example.  Using codes is not a good or easy user experience, so the idea would be that from within FM, you can simply navigate from a customer record out to their file folder on the server with FM having the static code information built in.

            Does that make a little more sense?






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              You can use the 'Open URL' script step to open a folder in Explorer.  But I think you have a bigger problem, as once you link that folder you will break the link if you change the folder name (or any preceding folder in its path).  You will also need all users to have the same path to that folder - for example some cannot be linked by a drive letter while others aren't (or even by a different drive letter). Whoever sets that path sets the path for all users.

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                Hi Sorbsbuster

                Thanks for your help on this one :)  We're starting a process of re-engineering the network paths to a more ordered set up than they are at the moment which won't have major changes.  I see what you are saying though about any changes that are made.  Users will have group policies to disallow changing folder names and structure, hopefully that should mitigate against this risk.

                I'll have a look at the Open URL script step and do some tests, thanks ;)


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                  Hmm, but what is "There" when you get there? Do your users insert files into containers from those locations? If so, you might research the external storage option introduced with Filemaker 12. It may or may not be of use as a way to avoid a lot of directory specific issues with such files.

                  And for those interested in taking a careful look at file paths and how they can be used within FileMaker, you might take a look at this thread: Exploring the use of a $Path Variable in Scripts