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Network permissions affect Open URL?

Question asked by Montpelier on Feb 17, 2011
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Network permissions affect Open URL?


Does anyone have any experience with opening files on a shared network using Open URL, and how network permissions might affect the script step? 

The situation is that we have a FMServer hosted db with image thumbnails. Some (but not all) users have been reporting issues getting the images to open (the container field with a thumbnail reference is set up as a button to run an open URL script).  

The script is this: Open URL (Files::f_path & Images::im_file & "." & Images::im_format). The result generated looks something like this:  file:\\server\folder1\FM-Data\FM-Files\Objects\264_01.jpg.  On my computer, the script does nothing.  On my colleague's computer, the script opens the file just fine. 

The strange part is that I've set it up to perform with dialog. If I take the url presented in the dialog box, copy it and paste into either Chrome or Windows Explorer, the file loads just fine. 

The only thing I can think is that because the folders on the server have various read/write permissions, they might be affecting the script. 

For the record, everyone's running Windows XP, including the server. They're running FileMaker 11 and I'm running 11 Advanced.