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    Network permissions affect Open URL?



      Network permissions affect Open URL?


      Does anyone have any experience with opening files on a shared network using Open URL, and how network permissions might affect the script step? 

      The situation is that we have a FMServer hosted db with image thumbnails. Some (but not all) users have been reporting issues getting the images to open (the container field with a thumbnail reference is set up as a button to run an open URL script).  

      The script is this: Open URL (Files::f_path & Images::im_file & "." & Images::im_format). The result generated looks something like this:  file:\\server\folder1\FM-Data\FM-Files\Objects\264_01.jpg.  On my computer, the script does nothing.  On my colleague's computer, the script opens the file just fine. 

      The strange part is that I've set it up to perform with dialog. If I take the url presented in the dialog box, copy it and paste into either Chrome or Windows Explorer, the file loads just fine. 

      The only thing I can think is that because the folders on the server have various read/write permissions, they might be affecting the script. 

      For the record, everyone's running Windows XP, including the server. They're running FileMaker 11 and I'm running 11 Advanced.

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          Read write permissions could affect the step's ability to open the file, but I think that would also keep the thumbnail from displaying the image--which is why I didn't have any suggestions for you the first time you posted this question.

          Re-examining your file path suggests the issue.

          With your Open URL step, replace the backslashes (\) with forward slashes (/).

          The back slash is the "escape" character in FileMaker text expressions that tells FileMaker to take the following character as a literal character and not as an operator with special meaning when it evaluates the expression.

          \" for example, allows you to get a " into a text expression instead of FileMaker interpreting it as the end of a literal text string.

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            Thanks, I'll try that.

            I posted the question again because I'd tried creating a simplified database with just the image data - no relationships - and got the same result. 

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              Persistance paid off here, hopefully. For me, the new post forced me to take a fresh look instead of continuing to suggest using Export Field Contents and that, in turn, enabled me to spot something that I hadn't seen the first time around... Embarassed

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                Thanks for taking a second look!

                Sadly, even when I re-worked the fields to have a / instead of \, the files won't open. Ah, well.

                Thanks for your help!

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                  On my colleague's computer, the script opens the file just fine. 

                  You need to figure out what's different between the two computers. If he could see the thumbnails and you couldn't, I'd suggest checking to see if the two of you are mapping the same drive letter for this shared folder.

                  When I look at your example file path, there seems to be something missing. Shouldn't there be either a volumne name ( mac ) or a drive letter (Windows) at the beginning of that path?

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                    We bypassed the need to ensure that everyone's using the same drive letter by using the server names as the network sees them. In the url file:\\server\folder1\FM-Data\FM-Files\Objects\264_01.jpg, "server" is the same drive that shows up as a network place on all our machines. We use the same syntax for opening pdfs and doc files, without issue.  (To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why it works). 

                    I will investigate what everyone's default settings are as far as image management software go - I'm using Windows Picture Viewer, but I believe she's using Picasa.