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Network Setup Suggestions

Question asked by c.wagner1 on Aug 12, 2010
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Network Setup Suggestions


I currently have a solution that runs our company.  It is kept on one laptop computer and only accessed by one person.  The person who uses it can carry the laptop round and work from where ever they happen to be.  Everything is very convenient and works well.

We have been growing and the time has come for additional employees to be able to access and work from our database.  Currently it will only be one additional person connecting to the Database and working with it, with possibly a third person occasionally connecting to quickly view a record.  Because of the limited number of people connecting to the database, I can't see any need to upgrade to FileMaker Server yet.

I was thinking of purchasing a new Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server and setting it up in our office along with a dedicated ip address.  This way employees can connect to the office network from where ever they are using VPN.  I am assuming once they connect to the office network using VPN they should be able to connect to the FileMaker Database just like they where in person here.  My real question is should the FileMaker Database be running on the Mac Mini with Snow Leopard Server on it, or should I get an additional computer to be a dedicated FileMaker server?  Are there any security concerns with a set up like this?  (Other then the standard keep the passwords secure, and software up to date)  Is there maybe a better setup that I have not thought of that will allow users to connect to the database from anywhere.  IWP is not really an option since our solution uses many plug-ins and incompatible script steps to access third party web services.

Thanks for your suggestions,