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Network Sharing Connection Disappearing

Question asked by dnello on Jan 28, 2009
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Network Sharing Connection Disappearing


Anyone else have this problem?
So I installed Filemaker 10 Advanced on my computer (Mac OSX 10.5) and on a computer running Mac OSX Server. The server is just a basic file server but I was able to instal a copy of Filemaker 10 Advanced (not server) and get it running so I could remotely connect to the shared file (only 5 users need to access it). Everything seems to be working fine until sometimes when I open Filemaker Open Remote the server where the project is disappears from the list (no computer name, nothing). I go to the computer, filemaker is still running, the file is still up on the screen etc. So I close down Filemaker and re open the project and everything appears to be fine again. I thought maybe it was when the computer went to sleep but when I checked the computer is set to NEVER sleep. Only the monitor does.
Any help or insights on this would be appreciated