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Network Sharing Info - FPM12

Question asked by beano129 on Feb 26, 2013
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Network Sharing Info - FPM12


     Hey all, 

     Most of the DB's I've made I'm now sharing on my network so other FMP users / web-users / iPad users can access and use them. 

     What I've been finding is that when i'm sat on my mac and i've got FM open, everyone else can access the DB's freely however when i close down the application at night, it cuts off everyone else's access. 

     I'm assuming that I need the server edition to have the tables live 24x7 for everyone to be able to access the files all the time... 

     But, is there a setting on fmp12 that keeps things running to a certain extent to allow iPad and Web users to continue to add to any tables they may be working from without the FM application being open in my mac? 

     I'm not shutting down my machine in the evenings but just wanted some clarification into how other users can have perminent access and if my assumption is correct. 


     Thanks all