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Network sharing, small office -- how to manage it?

Question asked by SillyCat on Mar 27, 2013
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Network sharing, small office -- how to manage it?


     We have a Filemaker database that several (4 or 5) people in our office need access to.  We have the latest version of FM Pro and figured we'd put it on a shared network drive (Windows network) and open it from there.  Did a little more reading and figured out how network database sharing really works. 

     So, how do people tend to coordinate this sort of setup?  Does the first person to open the database in the morning really have to email everyone else to say that they're the one currently hosting the file, and does everyone else need to keep a list of each other's IP addresses to know where to connect once they find out who's hosting? 

     I'm just having trouble seeing how this is a good solution, and I'm looking for other experiences (short of moving to FP Server).  Thanks