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    Network users "connection failed"



      Network users "connection failed"


      On our small network, we use an Apple server and have a handful of network users that can login from a few different machines. These are network users with networked home folders(roaming profiles).

      These users cannot connect to our filemaker server (which is hosted offsite). When we try to connect, it give us a simple "connection failed" message. If we create a local user on the machine, it can connect to the server. Local users can connect, network users cannot.


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          All users have FMP installed or trying to connect through a web browser?

          Local users can connect to a remote hosted FMP database, are all on the same router.

          Network users on different routers cannot connect to the remotely hosted database.

          They are both using the remote hosted database IP address.

          The ports necessary for the connection are open on both the working router and the non working router(s)?

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            They all have the same version of FilemakerPro. On the same machine, if I login as a local user it can connect - if I login as a network user it cannot. This is not a connection through the browser, this is with the client. 

            Local users CAN connect.  

            All of the Filemaker clients are on the same router. The server is at another location and we connect via IP address. I can load the IP address on the client and see the server through the web browser, but FMP cannot connect.  

            The ports are fine, since I can use the same computer to connect (with a local account vs a network account). 






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              Ports are used to connect a computer to another computer on a different network.  You would only use a web browser if you were connecting to FMS webdirect.  Note that Apple networking is separate from FM networking. 

              What do you mean by local user ?  Is this a client on the local network connecting to a server on the local network?

              It appears to me that you are connecting from one network to another network at a different location, if this is correct then yes you have a port problem.  

              Are you using FMP or FMS to host the database at a different location?

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                I am currently experiencing the same issue as the OP. When logged in as a network user (to Apple server using Open Directory), the FileMaker server is detected, but the connection fails and no files are available. When logged into the same client machine as a local user, everything works fine. Was a solution to this problem discovered?

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                  I've looked into this further since the business is closed on Sundays. I did a port scan on the server from a network account and port 5003 was open so that's a good start. Figuring FileMaker has had a lot of issues with certificates over the last few months, I decided to go down that road. Sure enough, if I disable SSL, I can connect from a network account. If I ditch my trusted certificate and use a self signed certificate, I can connect from a network account. When I re-import my trusted certificate (GoDaddy, FileMaker approved, works everywhere else), no-go from the network account. I even re-keyed it and had it reissued and same problem. Hopefully someone can chime in on what might be going on with this certificate over the network. Curiously enough, the error on connecting is not indicative of an SSL issue, but just says "Connection failed" in Open Remote, or if I use a launcher file (as described by FileMaker in a support article), I get "The file "filename.fmp12" could not be opened. Either the host is not available or the file is not available on that host." Thoughts? Thanks!

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                    Bugs should be report on the "Report an Issue" located at the top of this page.