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network/local printer script issue

Question asked by Jean-Francois on Feb 2, 2012
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network/local printer script issue






I have an issue and I think it's a bug more a bag than a script issue.


Windows XP / Win2003 network


Printers are install on station and are connect to other station as \\pc_name\printer


When I programm the script on my station (no printers connect locally) so All set printer script step are with saved printer path as \\pc1\hp ... \\pc2\oki ... and so on.


On all the station on the network, those printer have the same UN path, put when the script is run from the PC1 and the HP printer is not the default one, it won't work. The print setup that save the printer path doesn't recognise that the \\pc1\hp is local on the PC1.


In windows, on a local machine, if you select in explorer \\your_own_pc\c$ it's working... so it's a FM issue that doesn't send local to this UN path for the printer.


I have found 2 work around, but this should be fix in any future release...


#1- Install the printer on the local machine, share it.

Install the printer on the server using add port and the old NT4 trix, create local port \\pc\printer and share it

From all stations, install the share from the server \\server\printer

so when scripting from every station it's the universal UN \\server\printer path.

This add printer can be deploy over the station with GPO


#2- Install the printer as everyone does, write a script that will check the mac address of the unit, and if it's the printer is install on that PC, have an ELSE statement that will bring a manual print dialog for user to select the proper printer.

Only problem with this, if you change PC, you have to go all over the network to re-install the printer on all the station, change the script step to have the new MAC address... so for one print script it's ok, but when you have hundread of them.... piss me off !!


My problem now is that since I upgrade to SBS2003 r2 last week (yes I know late update!!) I have issue with all my printers share on the server, even IP printer denied access to some user, when printing rights are open to all user.... but that's another issue.

So unless you have found an easier solution this UN path should be fix in FM12 before it's release the summer.


Thank you