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Networked Database With iPhone/iPad Support

Question asked by schalliol on May 18, 2010


Networked Database With iPhone/iPad Support


Hello, first post here:

I would like to have a pretty basic but networked database that simply includes the following:


  • A list of companies with a number of fields
  • A list of people related to the one or more companies


  • Every database can do this, but where it becomes tricky is these points:
  • People are using Windows and Macs to input content
  • Enabling quick access on iPad and/or iPhone with appropriate views for the size of screen (Ideally updating on devices)
  • Keeping cost low

It seems that the ideal solution would be one where Web read/write access is possible but there also could be iPhone/iPad apps that could talk to the server.

FileMaker would be an obvious choice, but I don't believe Bento can interface appropriately and FMTouch seems to require syncing, which concerns me.  Has anyone implemented something similar?  Thoughts?  Thanks!