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      I am i correct in creating a shared folder on my workstation (filemaker pro 10) then creating a new db and then going to file and sharing so that other users can access the db?


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          No and it can be dangerous to your file's integrity.


          Open the file with Filemaker and choose Sharing | Filemaker Networking

          Turn on Sharing

          Select "All Users" from the Network Access to file section

          Make sure that the "Don't Display in Open Remote File Dialog" is NOT selected.


          Now you can share your file by:

          Open it with filemaker on the Host computer.

          Each client user launches Filemaker and uses File | Open Remote to locate and open the shared file.


          with FMP 10, this Peer to Peer sharing will support up to 9 clients and 1 host.

          The folder where the file resides does not need to be shared and it is safer not to.