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      At my office I have talked my accounting manager into two copies of FileMaker Pro 13.  As an experienced user I have actively been using it.  My co-worker is slow to do so.  The Accounting Manager see there are scenarios for her to use it.  

      I have one file that I use, that I have tried to get my co-worker to use.  I have not done any peer to peer networking since ver11.  I have the file on my C:Drive.  I work with it open all day.  I have it set to be shared.  When I go to his machine, I see a cryptic name in the window in the upper left starting with WIN.  It has my computer's IP address.  BUT I can now see the two files I have tagged for him to use.  

      Yes, I am using OPEN REMOTE.  Both machines are using Windows 7 Professional and FileMaker Pro 13 Standard Version.  Any thoughts on this.  When we hire a new HR/Payroll person the accounting manager has plans for the person to set up a lot of things in FileMaker Pro.  She will want to access those from her desk.  

      The HR/Payroll files will be hosted on the Payroll machine.  None of the individual machines are set to be shared.  Whether HR/Payroll or mine they are being hosted through the network from a non-shared machine.  I think that is what Filemaker wants.

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          Windows networking is separate from Filemakers networking.  

          Open the database on the host computer. (Your Computer)  Go to Sharing, Share with Filemaker client, Turn sharing on, then select which user has access.  For testing I would recommend setting to all users.

          Go to the client computer open Filemaker then select Open Remote, on the left of the Open Remote box select the hosting computer then on the right a list of available databases will show, select the desired database, open.

          I recommend using the same computer to host the database at all times and this database must be open with sharing turned on, on the host machine.

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            I did all of that.  On my co-worker's computer, using OPEN REMOTE I see my computer identified by the IP address.  I do not see the files to open.  They are on a non-window shared drive so there should not be a conflict with FileMaker sharing.

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              On the server.  On the File sharing screen there is a box that states " Don't display in Open-Remote file dialog", make sure this option is not checked.

              On the client computer go to open remote then click on the host ip address under Host, and then the files should display in under "Available files".  The hostbox displays the name of the computer with the ip address.


              Windows network should not conflict with the FM network. 

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                I am still not able to open files remotely.  I was able to print screen from HOST and CLIENT,  The TEMP file is not marked for sharing (HOST) but all of the others are.  

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                  On the Network Access to File section, select each file and specify "All Users", not "no users"

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                    Sorry for the delay, I've been busy today.  Give access to the user should be all you have to do.  A forum is not the best place to display a pubic ip address.  Make sure you have security enabled on your databases.  After you have working then you may want to change to limit the databases to a specify user.  

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                      I screen printed the host.  I did not screen print the client.  It is the same.  I know with ver 3,4, 5 and 11 I have done peer-to-peer sharing.  It was always so easy.  I am not sure how to troubleshoot at this point.

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                        Next, step will be to setup port forwarding. I should have mention in the prior post because of the public ip address and make sure port 5003 is open on firewall.

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                          His desk is 10 feet from my desk.  We are on the same internal network.  Port Forwarding will not work for this.

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                            Distance has nothing to do with it.  Being on the same network then you are correct you will not need port forwarding.  172 is a private ip addess, I miss read the number. 

                            Here is a link to step to try. http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5493/kw/cannot%20see%20local%20host


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                              Thanks Stacy.  I will check it out when I get to the office tomorrow.

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                                Stacy, I have gone through the list.  I verified Bonjour is running on both machines.  It is.  I looked at the IP addresses.  Both differ only by the last segment.  Both machines are running Win7 Professional.  I introduced FileMaker Pro to the company.  IT does not have any special expertise in it.  I am not sure what IT can change.  

                                I would welcome any and all suggestions.

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                                  Try this test:

                                  From the client, select Open Remote to get the dialog where the host is listed, but you can't see the hosted files.

                                  Click to select the Host and you'll see the IP address based path to the host appear in a field at the bottom of the dialog. Enter the name of one of the files after the last character shown in this field and try to open the file.

                                  Does that work?

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                                    I can see the host and it is the correct IP address where the files are hosted.  But when I click on the Host in the Left Window, the files that are open to not show in the Right Window.  

                                    I am at lunch now.  I will try to append the file name as a next step.

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