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Question asked by TKnTexas on Jun 13, 2015
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At my office I have talked my accounting manager into two copies of FileMaker Pro 13.  As an experienced user I have actively been using it.  My co-worker is slow to do so.  The Accounting Manager see there are scenarios for her to use it.  

I have one file that I use, that I have tried to get my co-worker to use.  I have not done any peer to peer networking since ver11.  I have the file on my C:Drive.  I work with it open all day.  I have it set to be shared.  When I go to his machine, I see a cryptic name in the window in the upper left starting with WIN.  It has my computer's IP address.  BUT I can now see the two files I have tagged for him to use.  

Yes, I am using OPEN REMOTE.  Both machines are using Windows 7 Professional and FileMaker Pro 13 Standard Version.  Any thoughts on this.  When we hire a new HR/Payroll person the accounting manager has plans for the person to set up a lot of things in FileMaker Pro.  She will want to access those from her desk.  

The HR/Payroll files will be hosted on the Payroll machine.  None of the individual machines are set to be shared.  Whether HR/Payroll or mine they are being hosted through the network from a non-shared machine.  I think that is what Filemaker wants.