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Networking - no available files

Question asked by DouglasReid on Nov 10, 2012
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Networking - no available files


     Hi all,

     A database is hosted on my MacBook Pro running FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 v3

     The database is open under a user with Extended Privileges access; File Network Sharing is On; The specific user set for Network Sharing have fmapp access;

     The LAN appears to be working; File Sharing is on; The File Sharing firewall is allowing incoming connections for FileMakerPro Advanced.

     A iMac on the LAN runs FileMaker Pro 12 v3 (not Advanced but I don't think it should make a difference).

     On 'Open Remote' the MacBook Pro is seen as a Local Host but has no available files. The MacBook Pro's IP address in the Local Host dialog matches the IP address given under Mac OS File Sharing.

     I am at a loss as to what to try next, any help would be greatly appreciated.

     Many Thanks, D