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    networking and sending records form one to other



      networking and sending records form one to other


      Hi i am a dentist and trying to make a database for my patient records...need help in the following

      I have the database ready now....am using it on four networked computers....

      One at Reception

      One with doctor A

      One with doctor B

      One with Doctor C


      Now when the patient  walks in is there a way that the receptionist sends a message to Doctor A so that the patients name tab opens on the form of Doctor A. When Doctor A presses on the Patient Tab it opens his records where he can fill the needed data....

      Also the Doctor A should then be able to send the patient Tab to other Doctors incase required.

      The tabs which comes on Doctor A screen should be in the same order as the receptionist has send....but he should be able to open any one he needs.


      any help in this complex issue would be helpful...


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          Have you set up your database so that it is hosted from one computer by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server and the others connect to if via "Open Remote"?

          I set up a system years ago where one user (called the wieghmaster) filled out a purchase order for goods purchased from a computer (scrap metal and/or recyclable beverage containers) and then clicked a button that marked the record as "ready". The cashier inside a locked office (cash transactions) had a screen that updated once a second in a loop that listed all records marked "ready".

          This same system could be adapted for your situation. The receptionist can click a button to set a value in the patient's Visit record that "marks" the patient as waiting. The dentist's screen can be on a layout in a loop that performs a find or that uses a portal to list all of their "waiting" patients.

          And instead of a loop, an "install OnTimer" script can run every few seconds to update the list of waiting patients.

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            Thanks Philmodjunk….. 


            There is some mistake i am doing can't figure out what it is...

            apart from the patient "information" table have made a table "arrived" with the following fields


            arrival time

            patient id

            patient name

            also in the relationship part of database have specified that patient id of the "information" table = patient id of "arrived" table

            and patient name of the "information" table = patient name of "arrived" table


            in the receptionist layout have made a a button for "Arrived" when Arrived is clicked the value in the "arrived" field becomes "1"

            in the doctors layout have made a portal which filters out the records in which "arrived" has a value is 1 

            portal setup -> filter portal records ->  Specify ->

            arrived::arrived  = 1


            Now the problem is it opens a portal showing only the patient name arrival time of the specific patient whose record is open with the next row as blank. 

            incase in that specific patient record "arrived" is showing nothing then it shows a blank row.


            What i wish is that at the doctors console it shows the patient  record which has been opened and on the side it shows a table with the patients name, id and arrival time for patient who are sitting at the reception

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              Your relationship should not match by patient name, only the arrival status.

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                hi philmodjunk,

                i tried many combinations for relations but still could not get it.  kindly let me know step by step how to get the portal to get the patients who have arrived...

                currently have made a field arrived and arrival time in the 'patient database' table (this table has patients name, number etc)


                field arrived and arrival time in a table called 'arrived'

                have linked arrived and arrival time of both the tables.

                the value of arrived in both becomes 1 and the current time comes when the receptionist presses on arrived button

                is it correct till now…. and how to proceed further…..


                i wish to get to portal showing patient no, name and arrival time of all the patients who have arrived


                thank you for your patience, am new in it so not sure how to go about it.

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                  to repeat, the relationship would match only by arrival status, not by any other field in your table.

                  Set up a new table, PendingArrivals. Define one calculation field, named constArrived in it with a text result type and enter this text as its calculation:


                  in manage database  | Relationships drag from patients::Arrival Status to PendingArrivals::constArrived.

                  On your PendingARrivals layout, add a portal to Patients and put the fields you want to appear in the list into the portal row.

                  Now you just need a simple looping script such as:

                     Refresh Window
                      Pause / Resume Script [1 second]
                  End Loop

                  Put a button in the portal row or select all fields in the portal row and use button setup to turn all the fields into a button that you can click. Set it to perform a script, but give it the "halt script" button option to halt the loop shown above. The script performed can bring up the complete patient record on the screen and change the value of Arrival Status so that it will no longer appear in the portal. A button that takes the user back to the PendingArrival layout can also start up the above looping script.

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                    thanks phil, was finally able to nail it... even though the table appears in another window form.... not able to get it in the same form, probably because of the relationship of the tables...

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                      Sounds like you need to spend some time learning more about how FileMaker works. There are a number of training and tutorial resources available on the subject.

                      You may find this tutorial on Table Occurrences useful: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?