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networking and sending records form one to other

Question asked by priyankjayna on May 28, 2015
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networking and sending records form one to other


Hi i am a dentist and trying to make a database for my patient records...need help in the following

I have the database ready using it on four networked computers....

One at Reception

One with doctor A

One with doctor B

One with Doctor C


Now when the patient  walks in is there a way that the receptionist sends a message to Doctor A so that the patients name tab opens on the form of Doctor A. When Doctor A presses on the Patient Tab it opens his records where he can fill the needed data....

Also the Doctor A should then be able to send the patient Tab to other Doctors incase required.

The tabs which comes on Doctor A screen should be in the same order as the receptionist has send....but he should be able to open any one he needs.


any help in this complex issue would be helpful...