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    networking FileMaker Pro 10 with MS Access



      networking FileMaker Pro 10 with MS Access


      Is it possible to access a FileMaker Pro 10 database from another computer with MS Access? ODBC drivers are installed on both computers. 


      I work for a non-profit organization. My boss can not purchase FileMaker Server or another copy of FileMaker Pro. 

      We have 11 workstations, all of which are used by various volunteers at any given time of the work-day. One workstation has FileMaker Pro 10 installed and hosts two databases. Instant Web Publishing (IWP) is setup so that records can be entered and viewed.


      However we require formatted reports and receipts be printed from one database, which can't be done with IWP. I would like to try printing reports from MS Access, but ODBC will not connect to the host machine and I cannot import the data.


      Any suggestions are welcome.



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          Thank you for your post.


          Yes, FileMaker Pro can be accessed by another application via ODBC.  Be sure to use the ODBC driver supplied by FileMaker Pro.  Read the "ODBC and JDBC Guide" for more information:




          If you have any difficulty setting this up, let me know.



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            Please note that ODBC gives you access to the data, but you have to maintain completely separate sets of forms/reports (access) and layouts (filemaker) in both Filemaker and Access in order to view and/or edit the data with both applications.


            You might find it easier to use filemaker to publish your data via instant web publishing and then allow the non-filemaker users to access the DB via their web-browsers.

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              Thank you for your replies. 

              I read the ODBC and JDBC guide. I successfully set up a MS Access database and connected it to my FileMaker Pro database on the same computer.  I was able to create queries and reports in MS Access for my FileMaker database. However when I attempt an ODBC connection from another computer, it is not possible to connect to the host computer. Even when I can connect via Instant Web Publishing. I used the ODBC driver supplied with my copy of FileMaker Pro to set up the connection on the host computer, and tried to use it to set up the connection on the client computer.

              Instant Web Publishing is already set up and running. It is ok for entering, editing and finding data, but not for printing reports, which is what we *need* it to do.

              I need to work around the 'local access' limitation to print categorized reports from a FileMaker database on computers that do not have any version of FileMaker installed. I also need to be able to print receipts detailing things like: student name and number (from students table), Course Title (courses table), ammount paid (registrations table), and class dates and times (classes table; upto 10 classes listed on one receipt)