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networking FileMaker Pro 10 with MS Access

Question asked by natalie.c on May 26, 2009
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networking FileMaker Pro 10 with MS Access


Is it possible to access a FileMaker Pro 10 database from another computer with MS Access? ODBC drivers are installed on both computers. 


I work for a non-profit organization. My boss can not purchase FileMaker Server or another copy of FileMaker Pro. 

We have 11 workstations, all of which are used by various volunteers at any given time of the work-day. One workstation has FileMaker Pro 10 installed and hosts two databases. Instant Web Publishing (IWP) is setup so that records can be entered and viewed.


However we require formatted reports and receipts be printed from one database, which can't be done with IWP. I would like to try printing reports from MS Access, but ODBC will not connect to the host machine and I cannot import the data.


Any suggestions are welcome.