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Networking Stack cannot be initialized

Question asked by DarrenTerry on Jan 6, 2010
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Networking Stack cannot be initialized


I have a client that is getting an error when attempting to launch FileMaker Pro on their Windows Vista machine.  The error says that FileMaker cannot share a file because the networking stack could not be initialized.  I am not onsite with the client -- my co-worker is, so I'm getting the information filtered through him.


When the client first called, it was FileMaker Pro 7 on the Vista machine giving them this error.  (My guess is that they had upgraded a previous version of Windows to Vista at some point, but that was not the catalyst that caused this problem.  They've been "running fine" with FMP 7 on Vista for awhile now).  


I searched the forums and the Knowledgebase and found references to bad certificate files (server.pem and root.pem).  I had the client copy these files from a good client machine that's working fine.  But that didn't solve the problem on this machine.  I then upgraded them to FileMaker Pro 8 (they had an extra box laying around), and deinstalled FMP 7.   But FMP 8 gave them the same error that 7 did.


The client recently bought a FMP 10 VLA, and is planning to upgrade the entire office to FMP 10 (and the server to FMS10) in the near future -- but no one in the office has installed 10 yet.  Nevertheless, I upgraded that client machine to their copy of FMP10 -- but it didn't solve the problem.  They're still getting the "networking stack could not be initialized" error.


One other symptom that's kind of strange is that when they go under the Help menu to check for updates to FMP, they get an error that FileMaker couldn't connect to check for the update.  That Vista machine appears to be working fine so far as every other app is concerned (they can browse the web, send and receive email, etc. just fine).  


Any advice would be appreciated.



Darren Terry

Pacific Data Management, Inc.