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    New and confused



      New and confused


      Had a prior co-worker who set up a data base that you could copy a column of id numbers and enter them in a field to find them all at once to pull schedules etc from.

      They did away with it - now I'm trying to figure out how I can take multiple ID numbers - copy the past the list in my one field so that then when I perform the find they all appear separately, if that makes sense.

      as in FIND:





      Then it will pull the records for those students that have those ID #'s.

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          There are two ways that might be set up to work:

          Option 1:

          IF the field into which you are pasting the list of ID's is a match field in a relationship, the current record will match to all records in the related table with one of the listed ID's in its match field.

          Option 2:

          A looping script can loop through such a list of values and construct a set of find requests that finds all records with one of the listed ID's. An example of such a script can be found here: Scripted Find Examples but note that the example script uses a field formatted with check boxes to create the same type of return separated list of values.