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    New applications



      New applications


      Hi folks

      Our company is really new in FM environment, and we're on the way to create our first application based on FM Pro Advanced.

      Some doubts on how to manage the server part of this application and the runtime environment.

      Where can I find a guide to implement this sections ?

      Thanks in advance

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          There is documentation you can find from the download link above that you can download and read. You can, of course, read the product description info here on this site and you are welcome to ask questions about both here in the forum.

          You can also click the KnowledgeBase link above and search it for more info on each.

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            Thanks for your reply, PhilModJunk.

            We fixed the runtime matter, but we still have some questions about the proper way of developing a FM application.

            We are using FM Pro Advanced.
            The application we are developing creates a 'unique' file, which seems to be a 'client' application, including both 'application' and 'DB'.

            It surely is a matter of our being very new in this environment, but we are looking for the appropriate method to create a 'server' application.

            Based on our very little knowledge it seems we "only" have to create the application we have in mind using FM Pro Adv (do we have to use FM Server for a client/server app ?), put it on the server and each client will have to address server, double click on the icon, and that's it.

            I suppose this is not properly correct. Also, having datas and application into the same file will probabily means a very large file after data growing.

            Could you please light us up a little here ? It seems too much easy to us, we think to be on the wrong way.

            Thanks in advance