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    New Auto Entry Record Creation



      New Auto Entry Record Creation


      I have been playing around with this for some time and I'm not resolving the issue.  I have 2 tables: a CUSTOMER table and a PRINT table.  The PRINT table is filled with various auto entry fields only - never a need to open this table and add or change anything.  When I create a record in the CUSTOMER table, nothing "seems" to happen in the PRINT table.  If I manually add a record in the PRINT table and enter the RECORD ID (the field the tables are related by) to match, then everything shows up.  But why doesn't the record add to the PRINT table automatically?  I check the boxes in the relationship for "Allow creation of records ..." and "Delete related records ..." and "Sort records" for both tables.

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          If there's no field on your layout based on Customers from the Print table (that needs to be filled) then the ID will not be passed to the Print table. Perhaps use a script trigger to create  $ID variable and create a new record in the Print table.

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            And auto-enter calculations will not update to show a new value if the referenced field that was changed is not from the same record as the field with the auto-enter calculation. You might need to use an unstored calculation field with the same expression instead.

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              I think I resolved my issue with a script trigger that adds a new record to the second table and setting my Record ID in both tables to Get (RecordNumber).  This just seemed like there was a "check box" I was missing somewhere or I was setting up the auto entry fields or the ID fields incorrectly.

              Regardless, with your responses I was able to understand my problem and create a resolution.

              Thank you.