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New Business db

Question asked by ScottSmith on Dec 11, 2013


New Business db


     Hello all!

     I inherited a database that just feels very bloated and just doesn't use the power of filemaker. It's just a list of information.  I am looking at starting from scratch to build it so relationships make sense etc..  I'm a novice but think I could get it right with some help to first set it up.

     The database is focused around products.  I basically want to keep track of:

     A.  Product information 

     B.  Vendor Information of the product  ( I might get a quote from 2 different vendors on the same product.. so should the pricing be located on the product table or vendor?)

     C. Customer info related to the product.  (Have I shown it to them, did they buy it, comments etc... would this belocated on product or customer?

     D.  Meetings -  ex:  at meeting 1  they selected 20 products.. I'd like to have a list of item #'s  of products that they picked and notes

     What's the best way to set up the bones of the db?

     If I set up  these tables.






     What fields should be the relational fields for each?


     Some functions I'd like to be able to perform are:


     1.  Go to a vendor and see a list of all the products they quoted and what stage they are at etc.  (keeping in mind that some products might have a quote from 2 vendors.

     2.  Look at a customer,  select a certain buyer within that customer.... and see what items they've selected and what stage that product is at. (shown, selected, purchased)

        --   I might show a product to 4 customers and sell at different prices.. so seeing all that info on the product record is great.. but I'm not sure where to have the fields located

     3. See a list of products a customer selected at particular meeting and the notes on each product from that meeting.

     I'm new to using portals etc... so I'm not sure how to set it up so the right fields are displayed in the right section and also so they don't create new records in tables I don't want them to.

     Any help is GREATLY appreciated!