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    New Contact Error



      New Contact Error


      I tweaked my new database the other day and now I cannot add a new record at all.  I keep getting a popup window with a little warning sign saying revert field.  The only field I messed with that i can think of is the ID #field.  It was working fine.  I have it set up as text, cannot modify during find mode and it is an auto-serial number increase by 1.  Any ideas.  I am very new so would appreciate any suggestions.  Thank you! 

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             It sounds like there is some kind of validation failing in the current record so that you cannot leave that record without reverting it first. I suggest that you either revert changes in the current record (via the dialog you get) or delete the current record. Then check the field validations that may have been changed.
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               I am so new and this is so over my head.  I checked all the field variables and it seems fine.  How should it be set for a unique value number with the serial number increasing by 1?  I am so sorry but I am so in trouble if I don't figure this out!  thank you!
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              Thank you for your post.


              The reply from "uLearnIT" is correct.  Your field validation is probably not allowing you to move to the next record or add a record.  If you changed the Auto-enter serial number to an earlier number, and you have it set for unique value, that value may already exist in the table.  Change this value to a larger number so you can then get into the field options and verify your changes.  Also, you may want to show all records and view just that field in Table view (showing one after another).  This may provide the clue to the cause.


              If you are still having difficulty, please let me know.



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