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    New Container field in tab acts like it IS the tab



      New Container field in tab acts like it IS the tab


           Sorry for confusing Title, but couldn't think of succinct way to state this.  I've started with FM11.  A week ago, I upgraded to FM12.  Now I've upgraded to FM13.  I don't think this has anything to do with 13, because I'm seeing the issue on 12, but not on 11.

           I have a tabbed layout.   I drag a new Field into a tabbed area.   It creates a small box, asks what field I want to use.  If I select a container field (a photo in this case) it places puts the container on the tabbed area.  All good.   Now when I try to select that container field, it selects the ENTIRE tabbed area.  I can not select only the container field!   I've been trying all kinds of things, and at some point (in FM12), I changed the background of the container field (I though maybe somehow my field was becoming part of the background).   I was pressing Shift when I clicked on my container, and it selected just the container.  Whoa.  I have no idea why.  So I created another of the same field.  Now I can't select that container - it selects the entire tab field.   Non-Container fields don't do this, they work as expected.  Dazed and Confused.  Any ideas?  Oh, I don't see this behavior in FM 11.

           Thanks, Jim 

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               Well, after some searching and working on this, I found my own answer.  Since only 5 people have actually viewed this, it's probably not really even worth answering my own question, but I found the issue.   Searching for some key words (like edge) got me to this forum post:


               I then went to my DB and found, that somehow the default for "fill" was set to "none".  Therefor, I guess I had a "transparent" field.  I could only get it selected if I clicked the very edge (I probably have 1 pixel to work with there).  That's when I did my search for "edge" and found that post.  Once I changed my fill to something solid, it all works as expected.   Man, these are the kind of things you only find out by mistake, it seems.  

               Anyway, answered my own question.

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                 This is a known issue with transparent layout objects in FileMaker 12 or newer versions. But until we knew that your field was transparent, it wasn't clear that this was the source of your trouble.

                 Another trick for selecting a transparent layout object that is in or on another object is to drag with the mouse to select both objects and then shift click the background object to deselect it--leaving the transparent object selected.

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                   Thanks Phil.  Yes, I was able to do the selection thing to select it, but I had to move it by the other field.  Even if selected with the group of other fields, I could not move them while "in" that field.  I had to use one of the other fields to move them.   FM12 and newer.  Makes sense.  I had no issue when I was in FM11, but then, I think my default fill was not "none".   I'm now trying to figure out how to set all the defaults I want.  Styles right now is not making sense to me.  I'd expect I could create a style, then click on an object and click the style I want. No.  Not the way I would think it would work.  I have resorted to just getting things the way I want and making them the new "default".

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                     But if you deselect the other objects, you have several other ways than dragging that you can use: The arrow keys can "nudge" the object a pixel at a time. You can edit the top and left boxes in the position tab and you can cut the object to the clipboard, click the layout and paste back to the layout--which could be necessary to move an object to be outside of a tab control or portal.

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                       So, all this got me trying to set defaults.  Seems like it should be the easiest thing one could do in FM.  I can't figure it out.  Different FM help pages give different information.  I see this:

                  In Layout mode, if you specify text formatting with no text or fields selected, you set default text formats for fields and text that you add later. Similarly, if you've just created a field or typed text and it's still selected, and you specify text formatting, you set default text formats. If you change these default text formats later, FileMaker Pro does not retroactively change previously applied formats.

                       Well, in FM12 (this is not FM 12 Help text) there's no way for me to change any formatting if I do not have an object selected.  I can't use the Format bar as everything is simply grayed out.  Is there somewhere to read about how to actually just create a set of defaults in FM 12/13 so that when I create a text box, a label, anything for that matter, I can get the default style that I want?   Something as simple as the font size, centered (vertically and horizontally), Bold, etc.  I can't even seem to change the default font size.  

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                         Yep, you can't set defaults like that in FM 12 or 13. In FM 13, you can define your own themes and thus set defaults by selecting your own custom theme, but FM 12 leaves you "caught between chairs" and unable to do either.

                         What you can do--a bit of a pain, is to set up a layout with a "standard" field object formatted the way that you want it to be formatted. Then you can copy and paste or duplicate the layout objects to place one on your layout and then, for fields and buttons, specify the "under the hood details" such as what script to perform or table Occurrence::Field to reference. I used that a lot in older versions as it was very easy to end up with defaults that had some how changed from what you set. In 12, you can also copy and paste the formatting from such an object to other objects--such as a newly added field in order to get consistent formatting.

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                           Good points Phil.  IM using 13 at the moment, and I can not determine (using Themes) how to not have my labels come out right justified.   I create a new field.  I go to the label.  I set it to centered vertically, and horizontally.   I say "save to theme" (or whatever) and even a pop up comes up and warns me that it can not be undone.   I click ok.  I create a new field with a label.  The label is not horizontally centered.  It's right justified.  Amazing to me that this can be this difficult.  And the help seems next to worthless.  I'll keep reading though.  Searching the forum doesn't seem to come up with much….yet.