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    New customer input window help please



      New customer input window help please



      Im using FMP12 and need some assistance.

      I have a main order window -SMorders   there is a customer details area which ive discovered i can make a new new window button and navigate to that window and it inputs in the current order.

      My aim is to make the order while a customer is there and press a button to open a new window and on a separate monitor pops up a the customer details and on a 2nd keyboard they input there details and presses a finished button which closes that window.

      I just cant seem to get the screen to open with the layout - SMOrdersCustomerInput   i only opens the window from the main order. also is there a way to get rid of all the menus so its just a simple box window.?




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          Why use a separate Keyboard? Input from either keyboard will be received as though typed in from a single keyboard--which could produce a lot of confusion.

          The code for what you want can look like this in outline:

          New window --> open your new window with title, location, dimensions and window type to suit your needs/preferences
          Go to layout --> select the layout you want to see in the new window
          Show/Hide Toolbars [Hide} ---> Hide the tool bars portion of the window--formerly down as the "status area".