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    New data not showing



      New data not showing


           Hi all,

           I have added three new fields into "customers". first is a yes/no option, next is a date, and finally a note. This is to keep track of customers I need to follow-up with.

           On a home-screen I have a portal that is set to show any customers that have the option yes selected.

           It works fine except when I add a new customer and choose yes it isn't showing them in the portal, I can go and find another "old" customer and choose yes and they show up. I have no idea what is going on!

           Hope somebody out there can help!





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               If I add a quote/estimate to the new customer then it show's up in the portal.

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                 As a test, try running this one line script after making the change to the yes/no field:

                 Refresh WIndow [Flush cached join results]

                 Does that cause your portal to update correctly to show this change?

                 If so, a simple change to the relationship used for your portal can fix this issue.

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                   Hi Phil,


                   I tried adding that code but it still hasn't done anything.



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                     01. Is Home (i assume is layout name) represent data from another table ?  if  so what is the relationship you make with customers and  home screen's table ?


                02. did you create  calculation to portal to show  the data if "Yes" (i think you have doen this,but its good dubble check)
                     03. I suggest phils method,  just adding little bit steps on to that go to layout mood and select the yes/no field  and right click select the script triggers and select onobjectsave. after map the script of refresh to that task.


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                       Need more details about what you have set up that isn't working for you.

                       Are you using a filtered portal?

                       If so, what is the filter expression?

                       And whether you are using a filter or not, what is the relationship on which your portal is based?