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    New Database



      New Database


      Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this.  I am a newbie at database creation and I just wanted to run something by here to see if I was on the right path.  I'm at the very beginning phase of determining the info i need to collect and am about to create the different tables.  Am I correct to have the following tables:  



      Service Info: (Would this be similar to line items?)
           More to be added
      My hope is that once I have the tables created correctly and set up the appropriate relationships (Another area
       I'm sure I will have questions on when I get there) that I will be able to create various forms appropriate to the
      service type so that different service types can collect different information as appropriate.  I just don't want to get into
      the creation of forms until I have the basics correct.  Do I appear to have made the tables correctly?  
      Thanks in advance for your help!! 

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          There's often more than one way to structure your data.

          Consider that both clients and providers have nearly identical contact fields (name, address, phone, etc.)

          You may want to create a contacts table that stores the contact info for both clients and providers in the same table. A field in this table can identify which are clients, which are providers (and it's not unheard of for a provider to also be a client...)

          Consider how many phone numbers, email/social networking addresses a person can have. You may find it useful to define a separate table of phone numbers (and maybe email/etc addesses) so that a flexible number of these numbers can be recorded for a single contact.

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            Ok, so I can create a contact table with has all the phone numbers and emails etc for everyone and add a field for contact type where i can label them, I'm assuming linked by a relationship by the ID number of the person...is that correct?  


            But the providers I have are companies, not an individual person, so would I still have them on one table with clients? 

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              Yep. Keep in mind this is an option to consider as you plan your database. Often companies and people can be managed in the same table, but you don't have to. The Guardian contact info could also be recorded in this table.

              And you might put phone numbers in a table separate from but related to contacts to facilitate recording multiple contact numbers..

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                It is easier to put things together than take them apart.

                for instance can avoid the data entry problem of formatting a phone number (xxx) xxx-xxxx ext xxx

                is my preference for ease of reading and formatting the Address Data to your requrements.

                You have clients, referrers, parents, day provider, residence provider, etc
                I would look at your most complex and simplest examples, the complex will tell you more...

                Note Fields should be included in whatever form your data entry people think they need.

                Two addresses? Vacation home? work number, home number, cell number, fax number, vacation phone, emergancy phone???