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New database I'm creating

Question asked by MarkTroughton on Mar 27, 2012
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New database I'm creating


I have started to create a database in filemaker, its my first one and im totally new to filemaker, im looking some advice, i have used excel for spreadsheets,


i have created a pdf for you to look at and if you dont mind im after some help, in the pdf i have included all my forms that i require for data entry,

the values in red will be automatically entered by the system and in blue are to be manually entered, my problem is that i have currently changing data ( or data that has to be stored so it can all be called up at the end.

At the end of the process i would like to be able to insert a tank number and be able to print out all the information and tank changes that have been entered throughout the whole 9 forms.


Thanks in advance for all your help

Best Regards