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new database: one entry per email address

Question asked by marcopolo_1 on Apr 5, 2010
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new database: one entry per email address


I am making a data base, I want to pull the info for the database from Apple Address book. Some of the contacts in my address book have more than one email address. I would like each email address to be it's own Entry in the new data base. For example; John Doe is listed in my Address book with a home email address and a work email address. In the new data base I would like there to be 2 listings for John Doe, one with the home email address and the other with the work email address. Bento could be used as an intermediary way to go from Address book to File Maker. I am running OS X 10.6.3, Bento 3.0.4, Filemaker Pro 11. I am a rookie. Database is not being shared.