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    New field on Contact Management form



      New field on Contact Management form


      I am working for a recruitment company.

      On the contact management form ,that can be created from the 'new' section in the menu, there is a section at the bottom of the created form called 'Notes'

      We would like to use this form but put another tab that is identical to the 'Notes' section. Its gonna store experience details for the contact such as designation, company name, start date, end date, note. There can be many entries for experience.

      Is it posible for e to do this?? and how??

      Please help


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          You may need to invest some time in learning how to make changes to the design of a filemaker database file.

          Here's the short outline.

          1. Open Manage | Database | Fields
          2. Select the table your layout is based on.
          3. Enter a new field name, select a type (text in your case if this is for notes) and click the create button.
          4. Return to your layout, enter layout mode, double click the tab control and add a new tab.
          5. Depending on what is selected in preferences, your new field may have already been added to your layout. If so, drag it onto your new tab and re-size it as needed. If it wasn't added, drag from the field tool at the top of your screen to your tab to add the field that way.