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    New fields and tables?



      New fields and tables?


      When I create new fields they appear on whichever layout I'm on.

      When I add a new table (ODBC / MySQL) there is a new layout with it's fields on it.


      Is there a setting to disable this or some other way to not have it happen? 

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          For new fields added to an existing table:  Select Edit | Preferences and click the layout tab. You'll find a check box that controls whether new fields are automatically added to the current layout.


          Don't know of a way to disable this for new tables.


          However, that new layout is often useful as a "utility layout" when you need to establish a table context in a script. More and more of my regular data-entry and/or report layouts contain layout level script triggers and I am thus using Go to layout [ tablename (tablename) ] to specify a table for a find or other operation as it does not have these triggers and I thus avoid their possibly interfering with my script's correct execution.