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New File Maker Pro user

Question asked by HollyGiovannetti on Jul 10, 2014
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New File Maker Pro user


I am using the trail version of file maker pro 13 right now, to see if it fits our company's needs, before purchasing the software. We are a specialized wood working company. We do not have a show room on site to sell directly from our location, but we do sell through magazines, interior designers, etc, as well as people call and make orders. I have never used file maker before, and am having trouble deciding what different tables to use to set up the database, and then how to set up relationships. I have used the different supports, but am hoping you may be able to give me a clear idea.  So far, the tables I know I will need are: Products, parts inventory, & invoices. I know I need a contact table, but am unsure if I should have all the contacts together, or if I should have one for people who buy from us, and one for who we order parts from and one for who delivers orders for us. I then need to connect tables so that I can see which parts go with what products, which contact goes with which order, which product goes with which order. I am sorry if this is not the way you usually help others, but I am having trouble figuring it out from looking on line and watching tutorials. I do not have any one in my area who has used this program before and I am trying to learn it on my own.