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    New filemaker user



      New filemaker user


           Hi All


           I have just registered on this forum and I know absolutely nothing about filemaker, although I am an experienced database

           developer mainly using SQL type systems.

           I have a client who has a system written for him in Filemaker 7, although he currently uses Filemaker 13. We need to get the

           data out to import into a new system I am in the process of writing for him.


           The original developer who developed the file maker 7 system is no longer available


           Can anyone gave me some pointers on if and how we can get raw data/tables etc out of filemaker






           Chris Anderson






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               Launch FileMaker 13.

               Select Open from the file menu.

               Select the FileMaker 7 file.

               FileMaker 13 will then produce a copy of the file converted to the FileMaker 13 format. You can then use that file or import your data from it.

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                 Many thanks for your reply. That sounds straight enough.

                 Could it be possible the developer who developed the app could disable this?, the reason I ask Is the user, who is somewhat experienced with filemaker cannot find any option to export

                 I will be remote controlling his PC next week, so will check out further




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                   The file could be protected with a password and this could prevent the conversion. You'll have to try it and see.

                   A FileMaker file can be protected with a password and the user won't see a password dialog if the correct options are selected in File Options, it'll just enter the account name and password automatically.

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                     Hi Again


                     I have now obtained the .fmp12 file and loaded it in my filemaker application. I have the password also

                     The project has a database of members. I can export these out fine. For each member there are a number of transactions

                     (one to many relationship) which I can see on the member record.


                     I cannot see how to export the transaction data - the available 'layouts' don't have a specific option to see the transactions

                     I have attached a screenshot to hopefully explain a little further. This is the 'member' record with a no of transactions showing


                     To summarise, I want to export the transaction data




                     Chris Anderson




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                       You'll need to study the design of that layout to determine if you are looking at a portal, a set of individual fields or a set of repeating fields. If this is a portal, you may need to create a new layout based on the portal's table. It doesn't have to be fancy, you just need some sort of layout with which to establish the table context.

                       If these are individual fields or repeating fields, you should be able to export them along with the rest of the fields in the table, but I would then suggest redesigning your new data base to use a table of related records in place of them.

                       BTW, you don't actually have to export this data to files, you also can open the new file and use Import Records to import the data directly into tables of your new database. The import records step can even create the new table for you as part of the import.