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New FM11 user needs advice

Question asked by jimwolfe on Jan 7, 2012
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New FM11 user needs advice


I'm in the process of converting my Microsoft Access database to FM11. This database is set up to print a simple monthly dividends/income report from a group of finincial instutions. Several of these finincial institutions distribute income on a monthly bases, others do it on a quarterly basis.

The key parts in the database are a yes/no field (MONTHLY), and four date fields representing each quarter of the year (QTR1), QTR2), (QTR3), and (QTR4).

After copying the Microsoft Access data over to FM11, I then setup a Find criteria as follows: MONTHLY or QTR1 or QTR2 or QTR3 or QTR4. MONTHLY=1 and each QTR  as 1/1/2012...1/31/2012. The output was identical to that obtained from Microsoft Access EXCEPT for two missing records. Spent several hours trying to find if there was anything unique about the missing records but to no avail!

I then did the same thing for Febuary, using 2/1/2012...2/29/2012 as the date field. Again, three missing records out of 61. Note that because of the interest payment schedules differ from month to month, both the missing and included records for each month are not necessorarly identical.

Any suggestions would be greathy appreciated since I have to solve this problem before I can move over to FM11. By the way, I'm using the Windows version of FM11 but want to move on to MAC version.