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New FMP user needs to link to FMP 10 from xl2004

Question asked by TedMH on May 2, 2009
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New FMP user needs to link to FMP 10 from xl2004




I'm an experienced MS Office user, including Access, and I need to create, under Mac OS, xl2004 PivotTables using a FMP 10 table as an external data source.  My experience is with Excel to Access under Windows, and it's about as simple as can be--from Excel I just start the PivotTable create and tell it I want an external data source and it walks me through the MS Query steps to my Access table.  


It looks like it's a great deal more complicated in the xl2004-2008 world.  I've spent the better part of a day trying to get a data connection established between xl2004 and FMP 10, and I'm still coming up empty handed.  I've read several fairly technical posts, studied xl and FMP Help and read some relevant documents--including the FPM ODBC/JDBC user guide--and my head is sort of spinning.


Here's my question:  where can I find simple, straight-forward instructions for bringing a FMP 10 table into an xl 2004 PivotTable as an external data source?  I'm happy to buy any additional products that are required, but I'm given to understand that FMP provides the necessary drivers, etc., to do what I want to do.


Any help will be much appreciated.