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    New From Starter Solution Template



      New From Starter Solution Template


      Can someone tell me how to use the New From Starter Solution Contact management template for my current database? I don't want to create a new database b/c I have 30,000 contacts in it. I just want to use the template.

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          I think that goes beyond the scope of what a forum can do.

          Can you open the file and use it to enter new contacts and make the layouts and scripts work for you?

          Do you need to know how to import the contacts you currently have into the starter solution?

          If so, what database are you currently using? You'll need to find a common file format for your import. You can use Import Records to import records into a FileMaker file from FileMaker files, tab delimitted files, CSV, Excel spread sheets and others...

          If you have tried to import the data and the database then seems to not work correctly, you may have imported the data without enabling the auto-enter option during import. Here's a thread that describes this issue and gives ways to fix the problem:

          Help importing Excel data into a Filemaker Starter solution

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            Thanks!!!! I might try to import my contacts into the starter solution. I will let you know how that goes.