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New goals not overriding old goals

Question asked by ultranix on Sep 24, 2014
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New goals not overriding old goals


Now I have a very simple scheme dashboard, where my daily goals are placed into global fields and conditional format lets me see whether I achieved those goals or not. So, for example, if PAY::call_tot > PAY::xplan_call, then daily result turns "green" and if opposite, it turns "red" (conditional formatting).

Now I want to go a bit more advanced. Each month goals may vary, and I want to keep old goals in place, so, if, for example, from 1st of September to 10th of October daily call goal is 10, so I want two things:

1) being able to set new goals

2) do not mess up earlier entry, so, if for the previous goal's period daily call goal was 10, I want it to remain at 10, and, if the new goal is for example 15, I want it to be counted as 15 for the new entries until the goal is changed.

Do I need a  new table to do this and how should I set this up? I haven't done goal/measuring solutions in the past, so the scheme is not quite clear to me.