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New Group of Records from a Found Set

Question asked by KatieSullivan on Jan 12, 2013
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New Group of Records from a Found Set



     I am fairly new to Filemaker, so please forgive me if I am not totally clear in my explanation here.

     I have a database that contains 3 tables: "Contacts", "Events", and join table "Invitees".

     I am able to add individual contacts to specific events, mark RSVPs for each individual event, etc.  The way I am currently adding guests to my events is through a portal set up in my "Contacts" layout which displays data from the "Invitees" table (I use a pop-up menu to select the Event's primary key: __pkEventID.  Each portal row is a new event that the contact has been added to.  I know I can do this the other way around by creating a portal in the Events table and choosing contacts to be added, but because I have about 8,000 contacts it is much faster to choose an event from a pop-up menu then it is to choose a contact from a pop-up menu).

     I also have a Guest Report layout that shows all of the records in the Invitees table.  I have the records sorted by event name, then by contact last name.  I also have button set-up on my Events layout that will take me to the Invitee records for that particular event only.

     My question is:  If I perform a find for a particular group of contacts (for example everyone who attended Test Event A), how can I take that found group and add the whole thing to another event?  As of now I have only been able to figure out how to add each person individually.

     Thanks for any help and I am happy to give further clarification if needed.