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New Guy Questions

Question asked by Striker3070 on Jan 16, 2014
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New Guy Questions


     1. Is there any issues with putting 2 or even 3 Sub-Summary sections on a report or list when sorted by? It would seem if the sort was changed the list would be different and therefore the sub-sumary part would be different.

     2. Is there a way in FMP 13 to export reports or layouts?  I have put enough hours into this now and because I am so new, when I screw up it takes hours to go back and correct.  I would like to create a DEV version of the file basically a copy of the current file with the name DEV appended, but do my developing in that, then when I get something working, move that to PROD by whatever, export/import etc.  Currently I am simply copying the file to a different folder before I make any changes I might not be able to back out of, but that is not the best way of doing things.