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New here, having problems with grouping based on checkbox

Question asked by CeesPrins on Jan 28, 2010
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New here, having problems with grouping based on checkbox


Hi all,


I'm new to FM and running into problems, would appreciate any help after digging into this forum without result :-(


Let me describe the problem in english which is not my native language


We have a childhood here and I'm trying to setup a simple database with the children


For the moment I want an automated list for all kids who are scheduled on a certain day.


(assume) I only have the fiields:

'First' (firstname/text)

'Group' (group/text) and

'Days' (days present/checkbox with Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr)


Let's say today Jan 28 (Thu) I want to print a list who should be present and who is not scheduled (just in case they visit us an extra day they are on the list) and that per group 


On 1 page I want the following grouping based on the 'Th' from checkbox list because it is a thursday


"Some text' + day of the week (actual) + date (actual) 


Group: 1

scheduled: (total scheduled group 1)





not scheduled: (total not scheduled group 1)





Group: 2

  scheduled: (total scheduled group 2)




not scheduled: (total not scheduled group 2)




Total scheduled group 1 + 2


Total unscheduled group 1 + 2


Total scheduled + unscheduled for group 1 + 2




I want to do this on a daily basis considering the values in the checkbox list. 


I'm completely in the blind, so hoping somebody can help me 


Many thanks in advance


Beste regards,