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    New instances of a table



      New instances of a table



           I'm a super newbie at filemaker (and databases in general), but I've been programming for a long time.

           I'm trying to make an exhibit maintenance checksheet program using an inventory database of all the exhibits in a museum. I have already created the program, but what I really need to do is somehow put this table inside of a "Date" table so then someone can check all the exhibits daily and all of this data is stored so that on any day someone can look at which exhibit is broken.

           So in a nutshell, I need to create a new instance of a table whenever a new record is created. A "Table of Tables" If you will. I looked at portals but I'm not sure how that would work. Think of this more like a work order program of sorts.

           I'm only asking because I'm incredibly desperate and can't find much info on this in a ton of books I've skimmed through. I can attach pictures if that would be more helpful.

           Thank you!

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               How is your data organized in tables now? Do you have a single table where one record represents a single exhibit? Is there a data field in that record that records "when that exhibit is broken"?

               Or did you set up multiple tables--one for each type or exhibit or something?

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                 Hi Phil, thanks for replying!

                 Right now there is a single table with each record being a particular exhibit which is tied to fields.



                 I have also created a layout based on that inventory table in list view that shows this database as I want it to be used for, which is a maintenance log of sorts. This was just used as a basic prototype based on one day. It works great for one day. Though I want to be able use have this info saved everyday.



                 I hope this helps and thanks so much for helping me

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                   See what I thought I could do was use this table like a class and instantiate it every day in a new database or table.

                   If I can't do that, what do you think would be a reasonable solution?

                   What I have already done is create a new layout for my Date table with a date field which automatically gets a date whenever a user creates a new record. I need a way of tying that date into creating a database of museum wide exhibit status.


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                     You don't want to create a new table each time as that is very, very unwieldy in FileMaker. But you can create a new RECORD each time in a "log table" with a new date in a date field and linked to a specific exhibit record.

                     Exhibit::__pkExhibitID = MaintLog::_fkExhibitID

                     Your layout can be based on MaintLog and you can perform a find on that table to pull of log entries with a specific date. Fields from exhibit can be included on this layout.

                     PS. Your screen shots reveal that you are not using FileMaker 11 or 12. It's very important to identify the version that you are using when you ask for help or you risk wasting the time of the person responding when they suggest a solution that does not work with your version.

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                       I apologize, I'm using Filemaker Pro 9, but I can purchase the newest version if that will help