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New Layout relationship

Question asked by MichaelPoling on Mar 14, 2014
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New Layout relationship


     I am trying to create a new layout without using a portal that will allow me to enter Data that will be stored under the patientID, episodeID and visitID.  I realize that without a portal I will have to do this via scripting, but it makes for better printing for the user.

     So I have created a script that will go to the appropriate layout for the table that will store the data (PatientHandout), create a new record and then allow my data entry.  As can be seen from my relationship diagram, all of the relationships are taken from the ProgressNotes table.  

     However when I create a new record, the patientID, episodeID and visitID do not populate.  My understanding was that creating the relationship would automatically populate these Fields.  Is this the case, or do I need to create an autofill lookup?