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New learner frustrated with "many-to-many" portal

Question asked by TonyG on Aug 5, 2014
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New learner frustrated with "many-to-many" portal


     I've been learning FM on and off for about a month, now I'm stuck.


     I have 3 tables (Student, StudentClass_Join, Class) for a "many-to-many" relationship. I made a layout based on Student, and on the left-hand side I insert a portal controlled by a drop-down list to list all the students registering a certain class. When clicked, an individual name on the list will show the detail information of that individual on the right-hand side.


     The Problem: Only part of the candidates registering that class will show up on the portal list.


     The portal filtering design is based on the article


     I believe there is something I didn't understand and make it right with "many-to-many" relationship, just don't know Where and How to correct it.


     Forgive me for the newbie question. Any ideas would be very helpful, and, if you could, please give some details for me to understand.


     Thank you very much.

     I don't know how to attach my file here, so I just give some screenshots.