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New Line .csv export

Question asked by Snozzle's on Oct 2, 2012
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New Line .csv export



     I am trying to export a file.

     This export is coming from a layout that has many fields; April, May ... Dec ... Mar.  Next to each month horizontailly, I've got five fields that I would like to export with a row for each month.

     How do you tell file maker you want a new row in the .csv export file.  I created a field and enterd a calc "Code(11) but that only created a carriage return within each fields, nice to know but now what I need.

     Can someone guide me here, how do I create new row exporting data.  Current, all 60 fields ( 12 x 5 ) is exported on one line.

     I've attached a .pic of my export window showing were enter my field to tell filemaker to create a new line but is doesn't seem to work correctly.

     Any help would be grateful.