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Question asked by gsbilsky on Feb 8, 2010
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New Meat


I am in process of trying to decide if I want to purchase FM Pro 10.  I am a heavy access user, but want to start using my MacBook and get away from Windows.


I have download the Trial FM Pro 10.  Setting up seems simple and I know I will have to do some new learning language.  But I have basic questions  that will determine if I switch.  


Do I use multiple DBs or multiple table to link data?

How can I quickly switch between tables?

Can I see a list of table?


Most import:  I use a SQL to update a field based on information within another table field.

 i.e.   Table one has two fields.  RawData and ReportData.  RawData is info I enter to match from with field BankData from Table Two. ReportData is the way I want to see the data.


 Table two has two fields.  Field One is BankData download from the Bank (exampe: 445efgt455 Target 12/1/09 adf) I want to update or Default to Table one GoodData based on linking Table One RawData extracting/matching Table Two BankData and update GoodData to match Table One ReportData.


         Sample Tables


              TableOne                                                          TableTwo

 RawData                        ReportData                               BankData                          GoodData

HDepot                            Home Depot                     adfasfff HDepot 12/1/09adf        (Produced from TableOne ReportData)

Lowes                              Lowe's                             12/1/10 234444 Lowes adf         (Produced from TableOne ReportData)