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New Media Database - help!

Question asked by CARLSALOGA on Dec 16, 2011
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New Media Database - help!


I have over 10,000 musical theater media (opera, operetta, musical theater) in all formats.  Since I am now retired, I want to get them organized in a database.  I came up with this for the fields (I've included a sample recording so you can see how it works):

TITLE                                     Pagliacci        

COMPOSER                           Leoncavallo, Ruggiero

LYRICIST                                          -

VENUE                                   Metropolitan Opera

FORMAT                                CD

SOURCE                                Radio

STATUS                                 Live

LANGUAGE                          Italian

DATE                                     03/25/1944     

LABEL                                   Naxos

CONDUCTOR                           Sodero

DIRECTOR                           -

CHOREOGRAPHER                    -   

CHORUS                             Metropolitan Opera

ORCHESTRA                       Metropolitan Opera

ARTISTS                            Jobin, Raoul

                                         Albanese, Licia

                                         Warren, Leonard

                                         Valentino, Francesco

                                          Dudley, John  


My main questions are:

I'm not a great typist in English, much less Italian or French.  I'd  like to store information for each field in a value list - are there any limitations as to the number of values per list?

The ARTISTS filed(s) - there can be one to 40 artists in each work.  Should I make 40 artist fields (ARTIST1, ARTIST2) or is there a way to put them all in one field (I do want to be able to search for a specific artist.) If I do the 40 fields, can I do a search that essentially says "Find this name in any of the 40 fields"?

I need to able to search/sort by any field in the database.

Any help/advice is appreciated.  I know it's late in life to be learning something new, but I'm game.  And since I'll be entering so much data, I want to do it right!

Thanks again!

I have FMP 11 BTW.