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    New Media Database - help!



      New Media Database - help!


      I have over 10,000 musical theater media (opera, operetta, musical theater) in all formats.  Since I am now retired, I want to get them organized in a database.  I came up with this for the fields (I've included a sample recording so you can see how it works):

      TITLE                                     Pagliacci        

      COMPOSER                           Leoncavallo, Ruggiero

      LYRICIST                                          -

      VENUE                                   Metropolitan Opera

      FORMAT                                CD

      SOURCE                                Radio

      STATUS                                 Live

      LANGUAGE                          Italian

      DATE                                     03/25/1944     

      LABEL                                   Naxos

      CONDUCTOR                           Sodero

      DIRECTOR                           -

      CHOREOGRAPHER                    -   

      CHORUS                             Metropolitan Opera

      ORCHESTRA                       Metropolitan Opera

      ARTISTS                            Jobin, Raoul

                                               Albanese, Licia

                                               Warren, Leonard

                                               Valentino, Francesco

                                                Dudley, John  


      My main questions are:

      I'm not a great typist in English, much less Italian or French.  I'd  like to store information for each field in a value list - are there any limitations as to the number of values per list?

      The ARTISTS filed(s) - there can be one to 40 artists in each work.  Should I make 40 artist fields (ARTIST1, ARTIST2) or is there a way to put them all in one field (I do want to be able to search for a specific artist.) If I do the 40 fields, can I do a search that essentially says "Find this name in any of the 40 fields"?

      I need to able to search/sort by any field in the database.

      Any help/advice is appreciated.  I know it's late in life to be learning something new, but I'm game.  And since I'll be entering so much data, I want to do it right!

      Thanks again!

      I have FMP 11 BTW.

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          It may be easier if you create a separate tables for Artists, then a join table between them.  You can then list all of the artists in the Artist table and relate each artist to each of the Media records through the join table.  That way there could be as many artists to a Media record as there needs to be.

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            are there any limitations as to the number of values per list?

            There likely is a limit there at some point, but you are extremely unlikely to encounter it with your database. Long before you'd reach such a limit, you'd be working to make such a lengthy value list easier to work with by using a conditional value list or other method to prune the list down to a more manageable size.