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new ODBC driver not working on 64bit Win7 PC

Question asked by Andrew on Jan 5, 2011
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new ODBC driver not working on 64bit Win7 PC



I tried the following but Filemaker ODBC driver is not showing up when I try to add ODBC to the SystemDSN while on my 64bit Win7 PC.

  1. I am running a 64bit Win7 Desktop...
  2. These steps work for my 64-bit Windows Server 2008 R2 but just not my 64bit Win7 (client) PC yet. Any suggestions?  
  3. Started by checking that Filemaker ODBC not already installed (i.e., Start->Control Panel, Programs/Uninstall a Program) (wasn't)
  4. Read
  5. Downloaded the latest Filemaker ODBC Drivers from (went to support/downloads page, selected the windows tab and downloaded the first link) Installed ( (restarted PC)
  6. Ran C:\windows\syswow64\odbcda32.exe Went to System Tab and clicked Add but Filemaker ODBC was not listed (darn!)  
  7. Note: when I tried to install filemaker_xdbc_update_11.3.76.exe, a window very quickly popped up but only for much less than a second so I coud not read it. Is there any way to screen capture it if it's so fast?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!