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new password doesn't work

Question asked by BrxTn on Oct 27, 2010
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new password doesn't work


I made a new DB that I want to also use on my iPod Touch with FM Go and decided it should have a password. I thought up the password and wrote it down and then set the password on the DB. Immediately afterwards I tried the new password and it didn't work. I must have made an error in typing the new password and since it appears as dots I didn't notice the error. I can still open the DB using my admin password but I can't change the new user password without knowing what the old one was. I have tried several typo combinations of the new password without stumbling on the error.

I'm using FM Pro 10 on a G5 Mac (and Mac Book Pro). I am the DB creator and sole user. I am the only FM user in my home business which consists of only me :)

Any suggestions how I can fix this problem?

I certainly want to understand this before I try setting any passwords on other really important DBs, like my invoices.