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New PC, cannot log in to FMP server.

Question asked by tomishere on Sep 24, 2010
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New PC, cannot log in to FMP server.


Transferred, by new install, from XP to Win7. Database is stored on a server. I can open the server folders, so the network has connection. I can use any other machine (PC) here and open Filemaker, but cannot get this one to accept any name or password.
Network Sharing is on, ODBC is off, same as all others. I did check the account privileges and such, nothing was ever changed here.
I am at a loss on this one.
I did reinstall, rebooted, yelled, screamed, and even tried copying a server.pem file, nothing works.

Using version 9.0v1.

Server is, on MS Exchange.

Remote users are not having an issue.

Thanks for any help on this one.